Cover Letter Writing

Did you know employers are 40% more likely to read a Resume/CV with a cover letter? Cover letters are just as important as your Resume/CV when job searching. Your cover letter is your opportunity to make yourself stand out, show your personality and how your skills and experience will benefit the hiring company and increase your chances of getting to the job interview stage.

We offer a customizable Cover Letter writing service that goes hand in hand with your Resume/CV.

Cover Letter



Our Packages

All packages include the following

Expertise of a Certified Resume Writer that you will have contact to anytime

Keyword Optimized – to get past Applicant Tracking Systems.

Extensive research of your previous experience, skills and achievements

Formatted for success – Formatting that will get attention from employers.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How it works

  1. Place your order and send us your existing Resume/CV.

2. Complete a short questionnaire in order for us to better understand your career goals and needs.


3. Get allocated with a specialist and professional writer.


4. Receive a first draft of your new Resume/CV within 48-hours.


5. Finalize once you are fully satisfied and receive your new Resume/CV in Microsoft Word and PDF files.